How is the wealth of Sarawak Distributed?

Left with nothing – Natives who stand up for their rights
Where did all the money go?

What money? Why yours of course. The millions you did not know you had and still have not seen a single ringgit of.

Sarawak is the richest state in Malaysia. But it has the poorest people.

Did you know for instance that you own, or used to, one of the great tropical forests of the world? It’s almost gone now, and so has the money obtained from selling it.  That scandal broke in the Japanese press, which reported huge bribes worth billions of ringits paid by their timber firms to companies owned by Taib Mahmud.  And the Sarawak government’s reaction?  It published a ten page “clarification” stating that Chief Minister Taib knew nothing of bribes and cheating on timber exports. Who do you believe?

Sarawak also owns oil, gas, and huge palm oil plantations, but it has the worst public services and worst roads.

Did you know that you own a huge business enterprise that gets the lion’s share of all Sarawak state contracts. Its not registered in your name and you don’t see any of the enormous profits it makes, but those profits are generated by exploitation of the resources of Sarawak and ought to be ploughed back in to the development of the State.  Instead they have disappeared into the pockets of a few people.                                                                                                                      Guess who they are!

Do you know that the whole project for 12 dams in Sarawak is a scam?  Not only will they flood huge areas of land belonging to natives of Sarawak but the electricity they will produce is not needed. The plan is to sell it to West Malaysia through pipes under the sea, but the technology still isn’t invented! Some of the electricity may attract an international aluminium smelter to set up. Where? In Bintulu of course. Home town of Sarawak’s CM! And if these dams eventually show a profit? The dividend cheques wont have your name on them.

Do you know that you have a fleet of luxury cars headed by a cream coloured monster? They are not registered in your name of course but they were bought with your money!

Did you know that the tiny share of the money Sarawak receives from our oil and gas, just  5%, was negotiated by the Chief Minister?  The rest goes to Malaysia.  Other negotiators claim, with reason, that the percentage should be much larger.

You cannot fail to know that Sarawak has, since it joined Malaysia, become virtually a family business, run by and belonging wholly to the Chief Minister and his immediate family

If you think its time to call time on this Papa Doc VOTE HIM OUT AT THE NEXT ELECTION and let him join Suharto, Marcos and the rest of the cheats and dictactors dismissed by their angry people.

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