Monkey Business

“If we gave them a monkey with a BN label they would vote for it!” laughed followers of Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, following his success at the last election.  And there’s proof, look at his ministers – all they are good at is stealing!

In West Malaysia people voted BN out in 2008, fed up with its corrupt ways.  Yet the party is still in national control because of all the BN seats that Abdul Taib Mahmud delivered from Sarawak.  Sarawakians voted for this tired old man, even though he is hated as a greedy liar, who favours fellow Muslims in all government jobs.

West Malaysians think this is because Sarawakians are backward.  They also laugh, because they say Taib can buy a Sarawakian vote, your very freedom, for just 50 ringits.  This sum is nothing to an average Malaysian, so they do not understand why a Sarawakian would hand over their proud independence for such a small sum.

But the reason is because Taib has kept his people so poor, even though we own the richest state in Malaysia.  If Taib had given our people the real value of the lands, oil and timber that he took, they too would laugh at MR50.  This is why PKR and the opposition want to get back the money Taib stole and return Sarawak’s wealth to the people.

Yet West Malaysians should not scorn.  Sarawakians may be cautious of change, but they are also the fiercest and bravest people in the region.  When they decide to unite and get rid of this group of BN outsiders they will be expecting real changes.  This means the West Malaysians will have to stop taking 95% of all the wealth that comes from Sarawak’s oil.  PKR are promising to re-negotiate this deal by Taib with his Malay friends on day one.  It also means that West Malaysia will have to stop insulting Christians and their religion and Muslims will no longer be favoured with nearly all the best jobs in Sarawak.

After that none of these people will be laughing at poor Sarawakians.

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