Wedding Fever

Christmas and New Year are a time for gifts and merriment.  Also, in the light of the current wedding theme in Kuching, we thought it appropriate to relay some more of the dazzling pictures of gifts and finery surrounding recent Taib family weddings.

The facebook sites of Taib family members have been boasting these scenes of wealth and opulence to their thousands of friends,  so why should the rest of Sarawak not see them, since the money to pay for it all has come from the national wealth?

We therefore attach some pictures from Elia Geneid’s (Taib’s niece) two first wedding celebrations, which were held in Kuching and then Japan.  Despite the splendour and expense of the occasions however, the marriage to this first Austro-Japanese husband lasted just two months.  Her third wedding, earlier this year, has already been featured on Sarawak Report.

All these lavish multi-million ringgit events were funded at the expense of the Sarawak people, who have lost great stretches of native lands, which were taken by the Chief Minister and secretly handed to his sister Raziah (Elia’s mother), thus transforming her into a very wealthy woman.  Since the people of Sarawak were given no information or choice over these land grabs, we hope that they consider that the money has been well spent.

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