Caught In The Dead Of Night – BN’s Suspected ‘Flying Voters’ Say They Are From Nepal!

No we are not Bangladeshi we are Nepalese! Innocent plantation workers shipped in by RISDA and doing what they are told?

UMNO have admitted they are behind the chartered flights to bring ‘voters’ in from East Malaysia.

They have attempted to say there is nothing wrong in it.

But, stunning new footage, posted just hours before polling booths open, now indicates that some of those ‘voters’  are actually Nepalese plantation workers with foreign passports.

The footage, shot by activists, concerns a hundred workers, who arrived from Sabah into KL on a Malindo flight into in the dead of night, May 3rd.

Intriguingly the MAS Wings charters that had originally been scheduled to carry the ‘voters’ from Sabah had turned out to be completely empty, according to the clean election campaigner Haris Ibrahim of ABU (Anything But UMNO).

His team were on standby to record the arrivals. Could it be that our earlier expose had caused a change of plans?

If so, we question why?  Because, if all was above board, as BN claimed, why would these passengers have suddenly been pulled off the planes?

Transport from the airport was thanks to RISDA!

However, the activists were soon aware of a separate Malindo flight, which arrived just after, packed with foreign workers from Sabah (Malindo is 51% owned by the Defence Ministry, which Najib Razak was till recently the Minister of).

These workers were piled into vans with the rubber industry RISDA logo emblazoned on them.

RISDA has already been integral to BN’s vote-catching plans.

The organisation admitted just a few days ago in Kuching that they had been ‘directed’ to pay rubber plantation workers an election incentive of RM500, as a boost to the party’s attempts to hold on to key seats in Sarawak – payments that had to be distributed before election day, May 5th!

The activists filmed the Sabah workers queueing to get their passports back from the organisers and each being handed a mysterious packet at the same time.

Take your passport… and this packet.

Bring your mobile phones and record everything!

If these are Malay voters then their passports should be red – so what was their purpose in KL?

Opposition workers are convinced that these men were dubious voters being ferried in by BN to support marginal seats.

The bewildered travellers from Sabah apparently confessed to the pro-democracy investigators that they had no idea what they were doing coming to KL.

However, they explained they were not Bangladeshi when asked, but Nepalese, working on a plantation in Sabah [film 9.45minutes in].

Therefore, given the history of cheating by BN, RISDA should explain immediately what these workers were doing being hustled into KL in the middle of the night, just before the election at the same time as a planned ‘voter ferrying’ flight that then turned out to be empty?

Line of mini-buses

Doubtles RISDA will have some story.

However, proof of the purpose of this visit is urgently needed, because BN’s apparent attempts to alter the course of this election are looking increasingly farcical and incompetent.

Worse, these provocative antics are also in danger of stirring up huge anger in the nation, which is fearful of seeing yet another democratic election snatched by thief tactics.

The filming clearly shows the workers being handed back their green Nepalese passports (compared to the red passports that Malaysian voters are issued with) plus a mysterious packet each.

We are left to speculate if each of these packets had perhaps and ID card and some money?

Where were they then taken?  According to Haris Ibrahim, it is believed that these poor workers were then ferried directly to the school rooms where the polling stations will open in a few hours time.

Some constituencies are so marginal that a few hundred voters are believed to be crucial to swing them.  Making a large and determined turn out the only solution to this situation.

Gang entering a restaurant and setting upon a man in a PR T-shirt

Haris Ibrahim has pleaded with onlookers to work hard at the polling stations to make sure that foreign voters are not slipped into the mix and to film and photograph anything suspicious.

Use your cameras and be wary

Phantom voters are not the only trick of course.  The election ‘managers’ have a lot of tricks up their sleeves that they are clearly planning to use in order to win this election for their boss Najib Razak “at whatever cost”.

There is also growing concern at increasing violence and bullying by BN gangs sporting Blue party shirts and red ‘I love Najib” shirts.  Their plan seems to be plain intimidation as videos like this one show.

But, unlike on previous occasions, where thuggery and intimidation could be carried out secretly, there are millions of Malaysians who know exactly what is likely to have been planned and they are ready to counter it with the glaring spotlight of publicity on the world wide web

A million mobile phones, cameras and recording devices have been charged a set to the ready as voters walk out to the polls in the fervent hope that this will be a peaceful, orderly and above all clean election.


Already people are being warned to get to polling stations early and not to be tricked by the standard ploys, which include people who take so long in the booth to make the others fed up and go home.

This time there is a people’s army of young photographers and mobile phone filmers, ready to record abuses and intimidation….

You can’t hide this stuff any more.  That era is over.

Time to start behaving

Violence as well as cheating is being caught on camera – this man was attacked by the men in red (they ‘Love Najib’) for wearing a yellow ‘Bersih’ T-shirt (campaign for clean elections).

So, any official planning to do Najib’s bidding when it comes to rigging votes should consider the personal cost to them of getting caught up in this form of blatant election fraud.

Such acts are tantamount no less than conspiring to undermine the will of the people…. now that is treason, sedition, fraud and a whole lot of other crimes rolled into one.

Do you think Najib will protect you if you get caught?

The security guards who carried out instructions to murder Altantuya are still in jail!

And if there is a change of government despite all this, how will your prospects look then?

Our sincere advice on your behalf is that if you have been engaged to drive a bunch of foreigners to pose as voters, or to organise them in some way, you take a sick day.

Likewise, the appalling violence against opposition voters that has been a feature of this election must stop.  There is no way to stop these antics being recorded, because the nation is fed up and filming the lot.  Then your baton wielding faces are being exposed on Facebook!

In an unprovoked attack this BN marcher ran up and smashed the camera man in the face and knocked him out. His T-shirt says ‘I Love PM’. With supporters like these Najib hardly need enemies.




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