Our heartfelt thanks go to the stirling response of so many of our readers and supporters to our legal appeal.  Sarawak Report can now look forward to making a robust defence against the legal suit brought in London by PAS.

Within a mere 24 hours our Crowd Justice Fund has raised just shy of 5/6ths of the total sum we are seeking to achieve in the 30 day window for our campaign.  It is a fantastic result and a tribute to the unity and determination of those who want to see fair and open reporting on the situation in Malaysia and 1MDB.

PAS is seeking to avoid putting up the normal security for costs in this case, claiming that if it loses Sarawak Report would easily be able to claim back the millions of pounds fighting such a case could incur.

We would just have to pop into court in KL!

The result of this manoeuvre has been to force Sarawak Report to pay out tens of thousands of pounds just to open our defence in the UK, knowing that PAS can walk away with little danger of having to pay us back if they fail to brow-beat us into ‘settling’ their claim.

PAS have been boasting that they have been rattling their tin around the faithful in the mosque to raise money to fight for the reputation of the party – money that could perhaps have been better used to help the poor, since a good reputation tends to look after itself.

However, we too have supporters, since they have brought on this suit.  So far just under 500 souls have put their own money where their democratic beliefs are and as of writing this post, they have raised £24,000, which is RM130,000.

Let’s show PAS that they can’t snuff out Sarawak Report with tactics of this kind and make our target in record time!

Humble thanks for all your support – Editor, Sarawak Report.

updates expected…..

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