Nice Money For Malaysian Indian Congress

The Treasurer General of the Malaysian Indian Congress has been amongst the most vocal defenders of the Prime Minister with respect to the devastating new findings of the DOJ.

Yesterday S Vell Paari came out supporting a list of all the top comical excuses drummed up over 1MDB: Malaysia had not been consulted, he lied; Malaysia is still investigating 1MDB, he again lied; the new case holds nothing new, he yet again lied; this was all a plot by unnamed Malaysian ‘opposition figures’, he then claimed and to cap it all he said the DOJ had brought “no proof” in its meticulously documented findings.

Sarawak Report mentioned that this MIC Treasurer, son of the party’s former President, had much to be grateful for to Najib.  There had been a lot of financial help at the last election, thanks to personal cheques from Najib.

Our information provoked intense interest amongst some members of Malaysia’s Indian community.  How much stolen 1MDB cash did the MIC receive they asked to know?

The answer is that according to figures made available to Sarawak Report, the MIC received the following amount – our figures are not exhaustive, but represent a limited snapshot between 2012 and 2014:

  • On 26th july 2012 Najib paid RM1 million to MIC
  • On 12th Nov 2012 MIC Kedah received two payments of RM200,000
  • On 3rd Jan 2013 Najib made a payment of RM2 million to MIC
  • On 19th March 2013 he signed cheques to MIC HQ women for RM500,000 and to MIC Puteri for RM250k
  • On 18th April 2013 Najib paid a whopping RM10 million to the Malaysian Indian Congress
  • On 26th April  2013 he paid another RM5 million to MIC Headquarters
  • On 4th August 2012Najib also paid RM650,000 to Christina Suganthi Gurubatha (wife of a former MIC Dep President who had fallen into a coma the year before)

Total: RM19,600,000

A lot to be grateful for.  Meanwhile, the equally reliable minister Rahman Dahlan has been jumping up again today, managing to damn the people he is attempting to protect. Rosmah Mansor (referred to as Wife of MO1) was obviously the person referred to as receiving the $27 million pink diamond from Jho Low paid for with stolen 1MDB money, said Dahlan, plainly trying to be helpful.

So why has the DOJ not listed that object, which is presumably tucked away in Malaysia, on their list of assets to be seized?  He should be wary of what he asks for – with friends like Dahlan, Malaysia’s Bonnie & Clyde don’t need enemies.

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