No Further Action Re-Gopi - On Orders Of PM!

No Further Action Re-Gopi - On Orders Of PM!

IGP Khalid Abu Baker said to be preparing to continue past mandatory retirement date in September

IGP Khalid Abu Baker said to be preparing to continue past his mandatory retirement date in September

Investigations into the vast criminal police protection racket, which was netting huge sums of cash from dirty prostitution and gambling businesses in Malacca and beyond, have been brought to a shuddering halt.

Sarawak Report has learned that this was on the orders of the Prime Minister, who was in turn contacted by police chiefs alarmed by the MACC investigation.

Few Malaysians are likely to be suprised, since the trail of evidence had already arrived straight to the door of numerous extremely senior police officers, including the Head of CID and the IGP, both found to have been in close and regular phone contact with the ring leader known as Gopi.

None of these senior officers have denied the evidence published by this site showing that the phone calls took place and that some 20 top police officers were linked to Gopi’s phone call network.

However, not one of them has been prepared to come up with a reasonable explanation for the calls, unless you count the response of the IGP himself.  His excuse was that hundreds of people like Gopi ring him every moning to wish him well.

Good morning, how are you today Sir?” these callers are apparently in the habit of asking the Head of Police and, if his call with Gopi is anything to go by, the IGP then chats with them all for a minute or two!

Najib summoned MACC Heads To His House 

Sources have now confirmed to Sarawak Report that after the scandal became public the Prime Minister himself, supported by his cousin the Defence Minister Hishamuddin, moved to stop the MACC investigations.

“Datuk Dzulkifli and Dato Azam Baki both were summoned to a meeting at Najib’s house and told to close the case”

reported an informant, referring to both the head of Malaysia’s Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and his deputy.

According to our information, the file on the case is due to be referred to the Deputy Public Prosecutor next week, who will then order No Further Action, on the official recommendation of the MACC.

It was the MACC who was behind the entire investigation and the resulting arrests of several Malacca police officers and intermediaries, including Krishnan Gopinathan ‘Gopi’, in May.

The plan is for the whole affair to be dropped quietly in this fashion, with no official anouncements on the matter being made in the foreseeable future.  All the suspected gangsters have been given bail already, including Gopi, despite having reportedly made a full confession implicating senior officers he was in touch with.

The MACC’s original plan had been to charge Gopi and others under Anti Money Laundering legislation and to freeze their assets in the process.  Further raids were also due to  have been carried out whilst the suspects remained in custody, in order to complete the trail of evidence.

However, it was at that point that Najib appears to have made his call. summoning the two top MACC officers to his house and demanding that they cease the investigations into the criminal scandal involving police officers immediately.

Subsequently, there has been apparent fury behind the scenes that information about the connections between Gopi and police heads leaked out via Sarawak Report. Such leaks being treated as more criminal than the gang activity itself.

The anti corruption commission has apparently therefore bowed to the pressure from Malaysia’s top politician, supported by his cousin Hishamuddin, who is known to be close to the IGP, having initially appointed him when Home Minister.

Abuse of Power

Any moves to exert pressure or give orders to the MACC on the part of the Prime Minister would of course be highly illegal.

Law enforcement is supposed to be strictly independent of the executive. However, in Malaysia the perception sadly abounds that Najib has persistently interferred in the administration of justice, not least to quash cases against himself, such as 1MDB.

Therefore, perhaps the Prime Minister would like to deny the meeting at his house took place?  Prosecutors could still reverse the decision to drop the case, since the plan to do so is not yet public.

Alternatively, Malaysians can expect a prolongued silence, followed by an eventual admission that one of the worst criminal scandals to affect Malaysia’s police force in years was dropped within just days of mounds of evidence being uncovered.

IGP Due To Join List of Najib’s Cronies Extended Past Retirement

After all, the stage is now set for the planned decision to announce that yet another of Najib’s key cronies, the IGP himself, will be allowed to extend his office beyond his mandatory retirement date, in order to prop up Najib’s control of key ‘independent’ insitututions.

Khalid Abu Bakar acknowledged just earlier this month that he is due to retire in September.  However, according to our information, the stage has now been set for Najib (after as dignified a period of silence on Gopi as the time-frame will allow) to announce the extention of Khalid’s office, ‘in order to maintain stability during the period of the upcoming election’.

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