Turnbull Should Quit Moaning And Join The Anti-Corruption Campaign!

Alex Turnbull has told The Australian Newspaper that “whistleblowing is a shit business” (see video).

By this he is referring to his own ordeal, by which he was apparently down-graded to the “B Stream” at Goldman Sachs for questioning the wisdom of accepting huge commissions to organise the 1MDB bond issues in 2012/13.

Let us remind Mr Turnbull that the actual whistleblower on 1MDB was Xavier Justo, who passed data to Sarawak Report and was, as a result, imprisoned in the “B Wing” of a Thai jail for 18 months, thanks to a revengeful plot hatched by the pals of Turnbull’s former Goldman Sachs colleague, Tim Leissner, namely Jho Low and his colleagues from PetroSaudi.

Now that IS ‘shit’!

It took a good year before Justo and Sarawak Report received any vindication on the story, whilst Justo sweated behind bars, subject to villification by paid media and the Malaysian authorities.  Sarawak Report was hounded and defamed at the same time.

How helpful it would have been had Mr Turnbull spoken out during that period to confirm his own experiences and draw attention to the failures of governance that allowed his former bank, Goldman Sachs, to process the dodgiest of deals for an outlandish commission of over half a billion dollars.

But, not a squeak, unfortunately.  He didn’t speak out till being needled by Malaysian financial investigator Ganesh Sahavethan, who suggested in his blog that maybe Australia’s failure to adequately tackle 1MDB owed to the Turnbull family’s Goldman Sachs connection.  Alex first complained and then threatened to sue the blogger:

post about me and 1MDB

Ganesh, hope all is well. I was wondering if you would take down those posts implying I somehow benefitted from 1MDB – I did not, quite the opposite in fact. I called out the insane pricing and bizzare structure at GS [Goldman Sachs] when the deal was done and got yelled at by compliance for casting doubt on the integrity of PFI, the group that did the deal. As a result I was “b tracked” and resigned. [Alex Turnbull]

Plainly, Alex Turnbull has been preoccupied trying to set himself up in his new business, having left Goldman’s unacceptable B Stream situation.  However, self-pity is not an impressive hindsight to be offering on events at a time when the Justos are still fighting for justice in their case.

So, we implore this influential young Australian to stand up for right a little more forcefully than he has done, now that he has cut his ties with Goldman and chosen to speak out frankly.  There is plenty more to do and he would make a great ally for those who have stuck out their necks on the side of morality in Malaysia.

Of particular concern, is the fact that Australia has, under his father’s administration, been lamentably inactive over pursuing and investigating this global financial scandal, compared to other jurisdictions.  Whilst Switzerland, the US, Singapore and even Indonesia have been prepared to deal with the 1MDB billion dollar fallout, Australia has been happy to turn a blind eye to the whole affair.

ANZ Bankers, who are up to their necks in processing the billion dollars that went through Najib’s accounts in the bank’s AmBank subsidiary, have been completely let off the hook.  And, as a result, the extent of the scandal has failed to be exposed.

What about Sirul?

Turnbull junior has also spoken out about Altantuya “How many Mongolian models did we have to bury in the jungle for this pricing?” he apparently had complained to his Goldman bosses. Yet, the man who pulled the trigger on Altantuya is presently sitting in an Australian detention centre and no one has made the effort to get the truth out of him there as to why he did the deed.

The Australian authorities have allowed a mssive cover up over how Sirul was able to obtain a smart phone to make a puff video for Najib from his jail cell, for which he was bribed with handsome promises.

Indeed, Najib is heading to Australia next weekend and there is not a single case open about 1MDB in the country to embarrass this corrupt PM.  Tell your Dad, Alex, to stop playing diplomacy and stop protecting his former bank (which coincidentally also employed Alex… i.e. Goldman Sachs).  Tell your Dad to push for the rules to be enforced.

If you are not prepared to stick your neck out properly, quit moaning that you have endured the consequences of being a ‘whistleblower’ when actually you only complained internally – others can tell you that you haven’t got a clue!

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