Look Who STILL Hasn’t Smelt The Coffee!

A week on and it is clear that many people who have got far too used to power for far too long remain in relative denial about what the advent of the ‘New Malaysia’ will mean for them.

First up, Taib Mahmud. This ultimate wheeler dealer and kleptocrat extraordinaire has been flying over from Sarawak ever since BN lost, seeking to cut deals with the new establishment controlled by his old political ally Dr Mahathir.

This despite the immediate calls from within that state to remind the rest of Malaysia that for them the liberation will not have come until the Governor’s hands are finally prized off the state economy, which he has largely placed into his family ownership.

If Taib did not get the message the markets did. The 30% crash after lunch on Friday of CMSB shares (Taib’s main family conglomerate) was as clear a statement of ‘guilty as charged’ as could have been admitted.

Mahathir had just announced there would be no more crony ‘negotiated contracts’ for government projects. In future proper tendering and transparency will be enforced. No one need be in any doubt, looking at that share fall, that investors in CMSB were all fully aware as to why the company has done so well – through exactly that preferential treatment of Taib’s family companies by his own state government!

All over Sarawak voices are being raised reminding the incoming government that not only 1MDB, but Taib’s empire needs immediate investigation.  They could start with CMSB and the mysterious fact that over 10% of the shares in this ‘public’ company are still held in the name of the long-deceased Laila Taib, the Governor’s first wife.

Move on to the angry outbursts of the recently removed first couple of Malaysia, who have started cavilling at their ‘ill-treatment’ at the hands of cops who have been combing their mansion.

Apparently, some of them (hungry after breaking fast) helped themselves from the fridge.

Sarawak Report suggests Najib and Rosmah are going to have to take some hard lessons in how to treat ‘staff’ with proper respect, if they don’t yet know that one of the first gestures for any sensible person faced with police entering their house for a period of time, is to offer at least a cup of tea and biscuits. Pleasing guards at Sungai Buloh will be harder still.

Such statements by the couple, complaining that trifles (super expensive watches and such like) belonging to their barely employed kids had been removed, may now have been overtaken by events.

Those who have done business with Rosmah in the past have often spoken to Sarawak Report about the existence of a wall of safes full of money.

After some hours had passed without this being discovered, SR is informed that one of these individuals made contact with the investigation team to suggest that they take a look at a false wall behind Rosmah’s wardrobe.

Allegedly, it was here that the cops at last found what they had been looking for*.  So Rosmah and Najib ought stop complaining about ‘unfair’ treatment by cops and cooperate fully when they speak to the MACC next week.

But it is not just locally toppled tyrants who seem to be struggling to grasp the full nature of the changes.  Today jaw dropping comments wafted over from Australia, where the present Liberal party leadership has woefully failed for years to tackle the Najib scandal appropriately.  Despite overwhelming evidence previous PM Tony Abbot and now Malcolm Turnbull have refused to put pressure on ANZ Bank over Najib’s vast accounts at the subsidiary AmBank in KL or to launch proper investigations into the case of jailed bodyguard Siruh Azhar and the series of property scandals relating to Malaysian funds.

You would have thought that following the major democratic expression of Malaysia’s wishes just last week these blind, deaf and dumb monkeys might have changed their tune. Yet this is what Tony Abbott had to Tweet about Najib’s fall:

Voice of decency
Voice of decency?

It is plain to Malaysians that Abbott and his party had no concerns or qualms about Najib’s corruption, repression and outrageous attempts to rig a democratic election in multiple ways.  Nor were they prepared to look to deeply into the murderous details of the death of ex-girlfriend Altantuya at the hands of Najib’s own bodyguard.  As long as he provided that ‘strong cooperation’ and dodgy Malaysian fund managers continued to invest their stolen billions in Australia.

And that jailed bodyguard himself, and doubtless myriad others from UMNO are also in denial.  Today Sirul, who has lied and blackmailed and gone back on his word for months and years, told Malaysiakini that he would at last be willing to release the true details of why he brutally killed Altantuya, but only in return for a pardon on his own terms!

Sirul is one of those who chose to keep quiet when it mattered and sought to extort personal gain for doing so.  He spewed lies from his prison cell about those who were genuinely seeking out the truth and time and again showed willing to accept bribes and deals over a matter where he was the one who pulled the trigger on an innocent, pregnant woman.

Sirul needs to understand that he is still behind bars, facing a hangman’s noose and that the terms of his release of information will be dictated by the authorities who will abide by proper protocols and not Najib-style deals and bargains going forward.

Likewise another UMNO dinosaur, Mohamed Puad, who today protested that Malaysia ought to keep GST in order to save the jobs of 17,000 acknowledged UMNO ‘political appointees’ (hangers on) who have been acting as dead wood costing the civil service!

He and they are going to have to accept they need to go and find proper jobs, not sinecures to bolster a political party that resembled a bloated leach astride the nation’s economy.  But, it seems all these types are proving the last to get the message.

*SR removed an inaccurate photo.

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