Najib Seeks To Corrupt Next Generation With Last Ditch Dodgy Bribe

Najib’s last gesture of this campaign, and hopefully as PM, has epitomised the toxic example he has set his country.  Plainly desperate, yet cynical to the end, he set out in the final hours to corrupt the nation’s youth vote.

For months, disillusioned twenty somethings have troubled BN.  Educated, urban and with a sense of their democratic rights they do not favour the 6 decades old corrupt establishment led by this PM.

Najib has tried to frustrate them in every way, pitching the election mid-week and curbing social media.  Alternatively, he sought to encourage them not to vote at all – issuing tasteless jibes about Mahathir’s age.  Opinions were not budging.

So, it was a plain sign of last minute desperation that caused Najib in the closing couple of hours of the campaign to come out with a final outrageous straight cash bribe to entice these voters to ditch their principles and risk their futures in his greedy hands.

Suddenly Claims Of ‘Fiscal Discipline’ No Longer Matter!

Najib’s filthy habit of offering bribes from the election podium has become one of his signature traits as a politician.  However, this eve of election offer to hand back taxes already collected from voters under 26 must surely merit world record status in terms of shamelessness – an attempt to corrupt an entire nation’s youth.

Everyone, according to Najib, has a price, so he hopes young Malaysians will heed his lesson in philosopy.  He also hopes they are stupid.

After all, this is the same Prime Minister who has spent the entire campaign and past 5 years justifying the hardships imposed by his GST tax, in terms of the benefits to be gained by ‘fiscal discipline’, the importance of revenue to the Treasury and so forth.  Yet, suddenly, as he stares defeat in the face, none of that apparently matters any more…. he is willing to give billions back and to hell with the economic consequences to Malaysia.

Worse, he is only prepared to favour just one segment of the population – the bunch who have been proving most difficult to court or corrupt.  Older people, Mums and Dads: they don’t get the offer.

BN voters who accepted a mere RM50 hand out for their votes, will now be cursing themselves for their cheap loyalty – they should change their minds and convert the bribe to a ‘donation’ in lieu of the tax rebate they’ve been denied.

Destined To Backfire?

Indeed, Najib’s desperate gesture, so true to type, deserves to backfire miserably.  Not only will it alientate older voters, but the young voters themselves must surely see through the shallow offer?

Firstly, once they have voted for the global kleptocrat, what is there to stop Najib reneging on his election pledge and playing ‘hard to get’ on returing money already collected by a cash-strapped government that has been issuing cut-backs?  Once Najib has got back in, the game will be up and the country will be in his hands. Cheated youngsters can complain at their peril about broken pledges to hand back taxes… new punishments are already in the pipeline.

Secondly, where do those young people think the money will have come from, if they do get some of it?  Sarawak Report can remind them that Najib has been raiding public funds, which ought to be investing in their futures and their pensions.  This record kleptocrat has shown no hesitation in pillaging the public purse or borrowing huge sums that this very same younger generation will be the ones tasked with paying back.

For a dodgy ‘promise’ of a tax rebate, do these voters really want to put their entire future financial security in his hands?  To this age group more than any other the future cost of such misplaced trust is to horrible to contemplate – they must not do it.

And for what? No one likes taxes.  But, once paid, people move on. These young voters have already waved goodbye to the money (having been assured they were vital taxes for the public good).  Now, this dodgy trickster is claiming he will hand it back!

How can anyone trust a thief or a politician who would backtrack on such an important matter as taxes, just because of a last minute panic about losing an election?  Najib is both rolled into one. He has just unravelled his entire economic stance in favour of issuing an election bribe.

Best to get in someone who can be trusted to do the job and set things straight.  Someone who will set in motion a proper examination into what in the hell has been going on and try to recover Malaysia from the chaos brough by Najib.

This Prime Minister cum Finance Minister is offering Fool’s Gold and young voters should rather vote for better governance.  That is the only path to greater wealth and higher salaries in years to come.  There simply is no choice.  Good luck!

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