Musa Aman – At Last Action On A Sarawak Report ‘Subject Of Interest’ Since 2012

News that Malaysia has now issued a Red Notice request through INTERPOL for the arrest of Musa Aman, who is presently in the UK, comes as belated vindication for those who have highlighted his corruption for several years.

The former Chief Minister of Sabah is the brother of the former Foreign Minister and has close family links to the former AG Gani Patail (presently returned as a member of the 1MDB Special Task Force).

Despite, clear evidence of apparent abuses relating to logging concessions and of his multi-million dollar accounts, which were corroborated by an extensive MACC investigation, no action was taken against Musa under Najib.

Indeed, Gani Patail’s record of failure to move against Musa Aman and others has caused some to criticise his restoration to public life, even though he has confirmed he did attempt to issue a charge sheet against Najib himself, before being removed from office.

It was in retaliation for publishing the draft of that charge sheet that Sarawak Report was banned back in 2015.  At that time a Red Notice request was also issued against the Editor, also in London.  INTERPOL rejected that request from the Najib regime and it should shortly become apparent if this latest request against Musa Aman (who is reported to have fled from Sabah without passing emigration check points) is more successful.

Meanwhile, to refresh minds about some of the outstanding issues relating to this Chief Minister, here are some of Sarawak Report’s 2012 reports on concerns relating to a number of off-shore shell companies managed by an alleged crony Michael Chia and a Sabah lawyer named Christopher Barnes.

Bank details and MACC investigation materials published by Sarawak Report showed that tens of millions of dollars were funnelled through these accounts, managed initiallly by HSBC Bank in Hong Kong and then by UBS Bank in Singapore.

The evidence relating to UBS has resulted in a long running prosecution case in Switzerland initiated by the Swiss NGO, the Bruno Manser Fund, which so far the bank has succeeded in refusing cooperation towards, on the basis that it would involve self-incrimination for the bank.

Below are just some of the links to articles about Musa Aman in Sarawak Report.  The featured picture is courtesy of cartoonist Zunar, who portrayed the Chief Minister as a Borneo bat, nailed by our evidence.

Zunar awaits exoneration over ‘sedition’ charges trumped up under Gani Patail on behalf of Najib that threatened him with up to 43 years in jail for his illustrations relating to corruption in Malaysia.

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