Hadi ‘Condemned’ RPK’s ‘Deplorable’ and ‘Inaccurate’ Articles About Sarawak Report To London Court

In his sworn statement to the London Court in April 2018 Hadi Awang disowned his key witness RPK and what he had written about Sarawak Report, which had become the subject of a counter claim by this blog against the PAS President.

“included in material published by RPK online have been certain articles which… as I stated in my Defence to Counterclaim, I find deplorable and which I condemn”. [Hadi Awang, sworn statement]

Sarawak Report had complained that RPK was using privileged information about the case that was being leaked to him in order to write vile and untrue articles to harass the defendant and use the case for political gain on behalf of Hadi, PAS and UMNO.

Hadi responded by admitting that information had clearly leaked to RPK (whom he had formally cited as one of his witnesses in the case) but claimed he had no idea how the information was reaching him and said he was not in a position to request RPK to cease lying about the case.

In doing so Hadi failed to disclose that RPK’s brother, Raja Idris Kamarudin, was his key agent in managing the case and interfacing with his London lawyers.

Refering to RPK’s articles, Hadi admitted they were deplorable, but chose to disown the blogger, who none the less continues to harass Sarawak Report by issuing false and outrageous claims on a daily basis:

I am also aware that included in material published by RPK online have been certain articles which, as my solicitors made clear in correspondence and as I stated in my Defence to Counterclaim, I find deplorable and which I condemn. However, not only was I previously unaware of these articles and I had nothing to do with them, nor can I can see any basis for suggesting that anyone within PAS played any part in them either.

Hadi was also forced to admit RPK was reporting the leaked material “inaccurately”, in other words he was lying:

” I have known RPK for 40 years, and he is a supporter of PAS. Furthermore, while I do not normally read RPK’s articles, it is clear from his website that he has taken a keen interest in these proceedings. It also appears from RPC’s correspondence and Mr Mathieson’s witness statement that there are a small number of occasions where RPK has obtained information concerning the proceedings that has emanated from the PAS side and which have then been reported by RPK, sometimes inaccurately. However, and to be clear, to the extent that any information has emanated from anyone at or associated with PAS concerning the proceedings, that was done entirely without my knowledge, instruction or agreement.

Read Hadi’s Final Witness Statement here.

Sarawak Report is therefore entitled to ask, does Hadi continue to disown the out-pourings and false claims made by RPK and his trainee bloggers or has his final transition to UMNO (which RPK has admitted funds him) now ended all such pretences?

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