Temporary Support?

UMNO personality Abdul Rahman Dahlan is reported as saying that UMNO support for PN is “temporary” That could be interpreted in a number of ways. More control by UMNO? More jobs for UMNO MPs? A little political foresight in recognising that the PN government has no majority, no prospects and, apart from certain elevated quarters, no friends? Those who rat politically can be relied on to re-rat when it seems time to do so. Is that what is behind this lukewarm support for invalid Muyhiddin’s “government”?

Or a move to obtain more control over PN by UMNO?  It is no secret that UMNO’s mega criminal Najib is looking for a way out of his prosecutions and this might be a sign of pressure to get him off the criminal hook?

Or just one more instance of Malaysian politicians putting personal interests ahead of those of the voters who trusted them? Why the latter did that seems more absurd every day that passes.

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