Who Is Really Running Malaysia Under PN?

Who Is Really Running Malaysia Under PN?

When the Bersatu/Azmin putsch occurred in late February it had not been unexpected by, for example, those in very senior positions now at the MACC.

One of those personally told Sarawak Report, in front of colleagues (and indeed another western journalist on a separate occasion) that he feared bringing to book the big political crooks at UMNO, because they would be scheming every way to get back in and if they did then such MACC folk would be in mortal danger of retribution:

“I won’t have a bodyguard forever and what about my family, they have no protection”

the extremely senior officer of MAC confided openly, giving a very clear flavour of the mafia style of government that had by then become entrenched in Malaysia’s ruling party of many decades.

The same fears were deliberately circulated amongst the judiciary, police and just about anyone who might be involved in stopping UMNO’s plans to up-turn the GE14 election and get their leading criminals off the hook.

That plan has now been put into effect and the question is whether these super-rich desperadoes, who have been so exposed over the past months in Malaysia’s courts and on the world stage, can pull it off and pull the whole country and remaining economy down with it?

The idea that this is not what the ‘PN Government’ is primarily about is laughable.  Azmin and Muhyiddin were utilised because they both had grand ambitions to be prime minister, but the current ‘PM8′ is a sick puppet, which becomes clearer each and every day as the emaciated cancer patient is rarely seen in public yet has somehow managed an astonishing catalogue of commands replacing all the top public positions in order to create a gravy train for the various politicians and warlords the schemers need to keep happy to get their core agenda through – namely getting off the hook and grabbing more public cash.

This week saw the most blatant move so far, as the people behind the putsch have started to realise time may soon be running out.  Namely, the quick fire deal with Najib’s step-son Riza, amidst lame claims from the self-same MACC team that somehow the pardon had been already agreed to by the former AG.  The angry Tommy Thomas, who had been behind the slew of prosecutions over 1MDB, has naturally denied that because it clearly isn’t true.

Not “Scumbag UMNO’s” Puppets?

When back in March Sarawak Report had challenged a top Bersatu politician extremely close to the newly  nominated (but so far un-legitimised) ‘PM8′ over why Muhyiddin was clearly now prepared to let Najib and the rest of the the 1MDB criminals off the hook, that politicians guffawed and denied the prospect:

“Najib cannot get off the hook. PM 8 was sacked by Najib !”

was this Muhyiddin ally’s first reply, despite it having been pointed out that the minority Bersatu rebel leader was totally dependent on Najib and his UMNO/PAS allies for even a semblance of a majority in Parliament. The ally went on to ‘explain':

“PM 8 isnt that stupid to bring back kleptocrats, criminals, religious maniacs(framing) . Lets not prejudge.. Najib is definitely out. If in can assure of my revolt. Zahid will be called for contempt. [We are] Trying to get a few from PKR and Amanah to be friendly to Bersatu to overwhelm UMNO scumbags.. UMNO has 39.. need 10 from PKR, Amanah to align to Bersatu..  after all its a Bersatu led coalition….  Sure… [UMNO] 60 + years of no values .. decaying morals”

Sarawak Report attempted to point out to the Muhyiddin man that Bersatu could not lead or control a coalition dominated by “UMNO scumbags” because UMNO held the majority and ‘PM8′ relies completely on UMNO as an UMNO puppet orchestrated by Azmin, who has himself been working with UMNO since at least the day he failed to leapfrog Anwar to the top PKR position back in June 2018.

One of the signatures of Malaysian politics is the lack of subtlety and the blatant nature of what is going on is painfully clear to see. ‘PM8′ is clearly no more than a front man, enjoying a last moment of glory in the limelight, in return for executing the final political backstab of his backstabbing career (well possibly not the final one).

Azmin is the orchestrator, who is seeking to out-scheme an army of practiced political schemers and presently thinks he is running the show. However, it is in fact his good friend Rosmah and her husband who are back running the show and the fact that Riza was chosen to be the first let off the hook has demonstrated that fact.

Najib had the gall to claim on Facebook in the aftermath that Riza’s wealth had come from RM3.47 billion grossed from the ‘legitimate business’ of making films, without mentioning that the vast sums invested had been stolen from 1MDB. Not only was 1MDB never alerted to its investment, it was not a stakeholder in these productions and of course the public fund never received a penny back.

Now that he has been caught red-handed and was facing criminal trial in Malaysia under the previous AG, Riza has agreed to hand a paltry half of the money he claims to have made in return for being set free as a multi-millionaire.

More such ‘deals’ are currently being framed, without a shadow of a doubt, first on behalf of Rosmah, then Najib and then (finally, last being least) Zahid. The pressure is on to get these through before Azmin’s driving finally spins the whole runaway truck off the road completely.

Agong to ‘Authorise’ Budget!

Meanwhile, Parliament is being allowed to meet on Monday as demanded by the constitution, but the scam administration plans to avoid testing its non-existent majority under the extraordinary ‘Covid’ excuse that only the Agong will be allowed to talk whereas MPs will be merely allowed to sit next to each other (released from the order to stay in their states) in order to listen but not debate or work.

The planned manoeuvre is to insert a reference to ‘PM8’s’ monster extra budget into the speech that the Agong is given to read and then to claim to the bewildered public that the Agong has therefore ‘authorised the budget’.  Anyone who then contests the budget is therefore illegitimate, as it will not have been passed by Parliament, will be screamed and and threatened for allegedly ‘insulting the Agong’.

The fact that the Agong by tradition never writes the speech he reads to open Parliament and that it is not for the Agong but the majority of MPs to authorise the budget might be lost on UMNO cheerleaders and political illiterates, but it is unlikely to do more than provoke laughter in the corridors of international lenders and it will certainly be challenged in the courts.

Client bone heads may line up to dutifully deliver their ‘police reports’ against those who ‘insultingly reject the budget’, but amongst those will be the people PN need to lend them money.

If PN survive Monday’s sham Parliamentary half hour, it still won’t get Azmin nearer to being Prime Minister.  On the other hand, it may give ‘PM8′ a few more days or even weeks of pretending to run the country, whilst the real people now in charge carry on their plans to get their trials dropped (and their passports back) before it is all too late.

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