The Coalition Of Crooks Just Performed Another Illegal Act

The first vote to test the strength of the backdoor government of ‘PM8’ has apparently proven the claim that he lied to the Agong back in February when he claimed he had a majority of MPs.

Today he could muster only 111 votes to 109 to throw out the previous Speaker in a strategic move to wrest control of the parliamentary agenda on Day One of the proceedings, which he unconstitutionally delayed for five months to allow him to set about bribing enough MPs to build up his support.

In total, the vote suggests that despite an orgy of pork barrel politics he has a present following of a mere 113 MPs, signalling a majority of one, including the GPS block he subsequently bought over from Sarawak and also the Lubok Antu MP, who has admitted he hopped over last month because he had been promised ‘projects’ for his constituency.

Likewise, as all Malaysia knows, PAS’s 18 MPs were promised (and have been given) numerous lucrative senior public positions for which they are overwhelmingly unqualified and which represent serious conflicts of interest given their existing positions as elected representatives.

The situation confirms that ‘PM8’ did not have a majority when he presented his claims to the Agong, neither had his name been put forward by a single MP when the Agong had canvassed them just days before.  He has corruptly and largely unsuccessfully sought to shore up his position ever since.

Having ejected a respected Speaker and his deputy by the skin of his teeth this morning, ‘PM8’ then proceeded to do something totally illegal, as the DAP MP Tony Pua has clearly laid out in a statement in the past hours.

It was Pua whose forensic challenging laid bare the financial mega-scandals conducted by Najib in the previous GE13 parliament and he has now called out ‘PM8”s own latest parliamentary violations as even more grossly corrupted than under Najib Razak:

I haven’t been an MP for very long, only since 2008. But today is the worst day in our Parliamentary history. I will not be exaggerating to say that the institution of the Parliament has been thoroughly raped by the Executive today…..

The speaker of the House was sacked unilaterally for no reason, as if the Speaker is part of the executive arm when the Parliament is one of the independent pillars of our democracy (or what’s left of it).

Worse the Parliament standing orders require a 14 day nomination notice for the election of a new speaker and none was given. The executive bulldozed all parliamentary standing orders and conventions. A new Speaker was appointed immediately without a single vote taken.

The most laughable was when the new Speaker was taking his chair amidst the commotion – his first very stern words to try and return ‘order’ – “This is Parliament!!”

I almost fell off my chair. I couldn’t believe the irony of it. And the irony of the rest of his speech proclaiming the “independence of Parliament”. All with a straight face of course….

Today is the most disgraceful day I’ve witnessed in our parliamentary history. And yes, it was worse than even Najib era.

Put simply, having scraped through the sacking of a respected Speaker, the newly installed, unelected regime simply threw the rule-book out of the window and unconstitutionally appointed their choice for a replacement and his deputy without following the clear process laid out by law.

So, who will now be deciding on behalf of these executive appointers what ‘sovereign’ Parliament may and may not discuss?

New ‘Deputy Speaker’, Azalina Othman, is of course world famous as a 1MDB denier who lied and defended her kleptocratic boss right till the end in 2018, whilst others increasingly showed more shame. It did her career no end of good under Najib and she can be considered as looking after his interests now in the coup coalition Parliament.

Her new boss the ‘Speaker’, on the other hand (who has already paraded dressed up for the role he has yet to legitimately be voted into) is himself better known for his enthusiasm for conviviality and red wine. For this most decent folk will surely not condemn him, but others in this fragile coup coalition who pretend to extreme ‘holiness’ might.

So, what is the next step for this unholy mess of a governing alliance concocted out of bought over Borneo ‘frogs’ together with Malay Muslim supremacist extremists and a bunch of charged political kleptocrats?

Tony Pua has again sought to ask why a valuable question that deserved an answer has been banned from the Parliamentary order sheet by the usurpers of the executive wing? The question to ‘PM8’ that has been dropped was what does the government plan to do about the no less six MPs from the ruling coalition who are presently facing devastating strings of charges for gross corruption?

Najib Razak is himself due to receive judgement on the first set of outrageous charges of theft on 28th of this month. Anyone who has listened to the details of that protracted SRC trial, detailing the millions that were funnelled out of the public pension fund and into his own private accounts to be spent on personal luxuries, and who has heard the changing and frankly fanciful excuses of his defence will know where the verdict ought to go.

If Najib and the other five are duly found guilty, therefore, does ‘PM8’ intend to sack them from his coalition and indeed follow the due process of the law which requires that felons resign their seats?

Or does he intend to turn a blind eye to this requirement, as with other legalities which have been trampled since this coup, and allow these fellows to remain pending their inevitable appeals as part of his majority of one?

Given the refusal to countenance the question or to answer it, ‘PM8’ has indicated that Malaysia could in coming weeks find its governing administration held hostage by up to 6 convicted criminals, who will continue to remain in parliament making laws for the rest of the population and doubtless seeking also to influence the dropping of all their charges and the channelling of yet more of the remaining spoils of office into their own pockets.

It goes without saying that this is not why voters elected ‘PM8’ as an MP along with his former colleagues in 2018.

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