King Advised Mahiaddin Three Times To Resign!

Sarawak Report has received information via reliable sources connected to royal circles which indicates that ONCE AGAIN the prime minister has sought to deceptively massage what the King has communicated to him.

Just last week the monarch was forced to make a public statement rebutting claims by Mahiaddin and his legal spokesman that he had given royal assent to a surprise revocation of the State of Emergency, in order to avoid the matter being debated and voted on in Parliament.

Faced with the exposure of his lies the prime minister suspended the session that he had been pressured to hold for this very purpose by a direct order of the King acting together with the Council of Rulers.

Five Minute Audience Was Misrepresented By PM

According to the information obtained by Sarawak Report Mahiaddin’s weekly audience with the Prime Minister yesterday morning lasted barely five minutes. “There were just twelve minutes between the time the PM arrived at the palace and when his car drew away again” sources have whispered.

During that brief audience the King advised his beleaguered Prime Minister to resign no less than three times. This was on the grounds that the King said he had clear proof at that time at at least six UMNO MPs do not back his continuance in office (that number has now more than doubled and the MPs have been joined by numerous other segments of their party at state and federal level).

However, despite the evidence staring him in the face the prime minister resisted and claimed the numbers remained in his favour and that he still holds a majority support of MPs!

He begged the King to allow him to prove his case in Parliament, instead of resigning as the King had advised him to do three times.

This the King agreed to and accepted, given that it is the prescribed method for testing a contested majority when the prime minister himself is reluctant to honourably resign.

Naturally, according to SR’s sources, the King had assumed the vote would be immediate and Parliament would immediately be recalled, having been spuriously cancelled last week. However, such details as exact means and timing of the recall were not discussed given the brevity and tension of the conversation between King and his prime minister.

Hence, the willy Mahiaddin’s subsequent deceptive misinterpretation of the King’s position in order to claim that a decision had been mutually reached to hold off the reckoning until September. The obvious purpose being to buy himself time to further bribe, bully and abuse his office in his attempts to cajole enough numbers to pass the vote.

The horse trading has already begun, with midnight meetings reported Thursday night with between the newly appointed UMNO DPM Ismail Sabri who turned up at the residence of Najib Razak for three hours in the wake of the return by the Mahiaddin government of confiscated goods and money seized in relation to 1MDB.

Meanwhile, Mahiaddin’s statements claiming the King supports his unconscionable postponement have been followed by a deathly silence from the Palace.

Meanwhile, the political world has erupted in united outrage and condemnation at this latest extraordinary manoeuvre by a Prime Minister who has failed to establish his legitimacy for over a year, largely by avoiding calling Parliament on the bogus excuse of tackling Covid.

The pandemic has now spiralled out of control, not least owing to the perceived mismanagement of a corrupt and disengaged administration focused mainly on its own survival.

The Council of Rulers, whose special meeting in July was what prompted the order to bring back Parliament to resolve the crisis of confidence in the Mahiaddin government, are understood to be dismayed, like the King, at this turn of events and at the prolonging of an unstable government at a moment of national crisis:

“Their predominant concern is a return to a stable government that has the confidence of Parliament and the people to manage this pandemic situation”

explained a source regarding the position of the rulers, who issued the order together with the King that Parliament must be recalled.

Once again, therefore, it appears that a desperate limpet of a prime minister has defied the intentions of the Heads of State and sought to twist the words and intentions of the Monarch in order to buy time so that he can buy votes.

So far the Palace has kept silent but the anger in royal circles is growing.


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