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The country has united in rightly hating Mahiaddin for months. Locked up under discriminatory and oppressive ‘Covid crackdown’ laws that have utterly failed to control the pandemic, owing to the corruption and incompetence of his government, people realised the hidden agenda. It was all designed to keep him in office and nothing more.

However, even in ‘departing’ this afternoon, the Limpet PM who had tried every ruse to hang on to power (and now does so in the bizarre form of a ‘Caretaker PM’ known only to Malaysia under the present Agong) pretended the opposite.

He claimed that the population had all supported him and wanted him to stay and that it was just some treacherous, kleptocrat MPs who had engineered his downfall. HE had stuck by his principles, he intoned, but others were showing willing to deal with the sort of people he would never work with!

“once in a while you don’t succeed [in clinging on] because there is a party greedy to seize power rather than prioritise life and life” [Mahiaddin claims to be referring to others unlike himself]

Wow! In the course of his career Mahiaddin has shown consistency only in being prepared to follow his own self-interest and to work with whomsoever it takes, those are the facts. What’s more, he has consistently proven himself ready to stab anyone in the back in the process.

For decades Mahiaddin worked with the kleptocratic structure of mafia-style Malaysian ‘Money Politics’ as part of UMNO – getting right to the top of that greasy pole thanks to his ruthless selfish instincts.

As an insider he had to have known for years and years exactly how UMNO and his boss Najib were stripping the national wealth (there is plenty of evidence how he too benefitted through contracts of his own).

He struck out against the graft only after this news blog exposed the scandal of 1MDB, which gave him the chance to move against his boss, who had been thus been made damaged goods.

His attempt failed at that time – Mahiaddin is simply not the brightest politician and Najib struck back and chucked him out of office then brutally suppressed the country (Mahiaddin plainly learnt some tips).

So, Mahiaddin came cap in hand to London and greased up to Sarawak Report and likewise the opposition parties fighting for reform. He re-packaged himself as a jovial friend to all communities in Malaysia – an anti-corruption reformer to boot! They bought his ploy and offered swathes of uncontested seats to his faction within Bersatu at the election, which PH parties could otherwise have fought and won without him.

Then, two years later, courted by the equally ruthless Azmin Ali and his UMNO warlord contacts of old, Mahiaddin made his move. He pulled his followers away from the elected reform government, put himself up as the pliable man to do business with for the defeated interests of the past regime and overturned the people’s choice.

Propping up his regime were all the ‘kleptocrats’ he had pretended to decry just a couple of years before. He could not survive without their votes

Principled? Well, Mahiaddin had his excuse in the delivery of a racist mantra that even the era of BN had discarded long ago. He adopted, together with the desperate remnants of UMNO, the egregious supremacist theories of the new extreme wing of the PAS Islamic Party, already abandoned by its more established and decent half who had rejected Najib’s cash and the concept of ‘Malays Uber Alles’.

So, the basis of the PN government over the past two years has been the ‘principled’ rejection that anyone not born to a Malay Muslim family be allowed to consider themselves more than a second or third class citizen of the country in which they live.

However, juggling the rival interests of competing racist parties has proven beyond the capacity of this increasingly sick and tired, but ludicrously over-ambitious leader. He just threw money at the problem (borrowed public money) to keep all of these competing racists happy. The results have been even more damaging to the economy than 1MDB, which a revived Najib has been fast to point out!

Since the country was facing also a genuine problem that required governance i.e. the pandemic, this approach has failed. Everyone has seen through Mahiaddin and his divisive politics and they want him gone. He tried bribery, blackmail, blackmail and bribery – all failed. His mentors and clients were as ruthless as him.

So then, he put his ‘principles’ to one side and once more tried a deal with the ‘devil’ DAP. In the process he showed his utter weakness. The ploy failed, given the blatant insincerity and the impossibility of believing a word of any of his promises to bring reform or treat people as equal.

Yet, even in the full exposure of such hypocrisy and lies, this man stood up today and claimed that he had always ‘stuck by his principles and refused to deal with kleptocrats’!

The man who let off Musa Aman? Who let off Riza Aziz? Who prolonged the Najib appeals against his devastating series of convictions for an eternity and gave him his stolen millions back just last week? Who also let off Azeez and Ku Nan?  Whose entire government has relied for two years on dealing with these characters, without whom his dodgy majority would have imploded?

There is a saying that the best liars are the ones that manage to convince themselves. Mahiaddin is stupid enough to believe his own contradictions, but who else really is?

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