The Real Story About Goldman Sachs Is That The Fraud Went To The Top

Over the past couple of weeks Malaysians have received snippets of news from the court case in Manhattan involving the two Goldman Sachs bankers who drove through the second state of the 1MDB heist working together with Jho Low and the top men at IPIC in Abu Dhabi.

Both bankers have sought to blame the other for their role. However, what is of most interest to the ordinary victims in this affair, namely the people of Malaysia, is whether those who profited most and who were most culpable will be held accountable for allowing these proxies to do their bidding and take their kickbacks?

These include then prime minister Najib Razak of Malaysia and the brother of the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, Sheikh Mansour, as has been cited in the witness statement of Goldman’s Southeast Asia boss Tim Leissner who has pleaded guilty to his role. However, also blatantly responsible and knowing beneficiaries of this record scam are the leading decision-makers of Goldman Sachs at the time some of whom continue to be in charge at that powerful bank.

Sarawak Report has detailed the evidence over the years in this affair and perhaps the most revealing documents were those put before the courts by Goldman Sachs shareholders themselves, who in 2019 sued the officers of the bank for wasting their money on this crooked venture that paid them such enormous bonuses at the time.

That case is now frozen in the system it would appear as presumably deals are struck between the parties. Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs’ hierarchy remain unscathed despite what would be designated criminal behaviour amongst others. This is the time for 1MDB-watchers to re-read our analysis of the shareholder indictment of the bank as we ask if it isn’t time the United States brought this most powerful rogue bank to heel by holding its greedy top players to account rather than distracting with the small time players in court?

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