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99% For US

Pakatan’s Guan Eng poi,nts out that less than 1% of the PN budget is allocated to non-Malays. Who is surprised by this? In order to steal public funds from the Budget, which is the sole aim of the PN “government”, it has to be notionally allocated to those who will not complain. So long as they are bought off with a minimal share.

The actual fact of the matter is that the PN government is a pirate body without legitimacy and in place only by gross misuse of constitutional powers. What the price of the latter was remains to be disclosed. But it will be and that will bring down the curtain on an oudated and undemocratic system of government.

What Malaysia needs is government for and by the people. Not the crooks bought into office by bribery and blantant disregard of the Constitution. Those concerned should remember that playing with a hand grenade only lasts until the pin is pulled out. That is closer every  misgoverned day.

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