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Pandora's Box

In saying publicly that he can never become Prime Minister because he called for the Pandora Papers to be debated in the Assembly Anwar Ibrahim might have been exaggerating the position? But there should certainly be a full parliamentary enquiry into the Malaysian aspects of this world wide criminal activity.

Any Malaysian involvement in those gross criminal  happenings MUST become known to the electorate so that they do not again choose such criminals to represent them.

The Pandora Papers scandal exactly mirrored the criminality that has disfigured politics, and Malaysia itself, since the Najib era began and which persists up to today with the highest possible level support. The only cure, the sure way to lance the boil, is a general election. That is why PN and its “back mountains” will never allow such a thing to take place. Not, at least, while they have the power to prevent it.

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