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Still Popular?

Press reports claim that mega crook Najib is “still popular” despite the dismissal of his appeal against conviction. Of course journalists and editors can be as mistaken as anyone of us and such reports should be disregarded as either erroneous or deliberately fabricated.

No amount of communal feeling or sympathy should be allowed to obscure the fact that a megs criminal has met his just desserts and will spend his declining years in a prison cell. That is the reward of mega criminality.

The alleged popularity must surely be confined to the Malay population and rest on communal prejudice as opposed to fact.The truth is that Malaysia will never progress to being an honestly governed State util the cobwebs of the past are blown away. Real and lasting lconstitutional reform is an absolute necessity. No more absurd personal choices. The head of the government must be elected as such and a presidential system is the simplest way to achieve that.

Kings and Queens, such as remain, have learned the lesson that they are ornamental figures, constitutional conveniences. When they act outside that role, as recently n Malaysia they put their raison d’etre in question as well as their considerable cost to the taxpayers.Whether or not the will to admit serious misjudgment or deliberate manipulation of power exists the question must be when will it be publicly shown? Or will conduct reminiscent of Sulawesi pirate ancestors continue to displayed?

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