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The government is working on bringing fugitive businessperson Low Taek Jho (Jho Low) back to the country as soon as possible, although faced with an arduous process in doing so, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has said.

According to Anwar, negotiations have been carried out with several countries to extradite Low to face the music in connection with the 1MDB scandal.

“Of course. yes. That has been the position and we have been very tough from day one,” he told reporters when asked about the government’s stance on Low’s extradition to Malaysia.

Anwar, however, did not name the countries Putrajaya has engaged with on the matter.

Sheikh Sabah, royal son of the former Kuwaiti PM was arrested and sent to jail April 16th
Sheikh Sabah, royal son of the former Kuwaiti PM was arrested and sent to jail April 16th


Those interested in promoting movie capers appear to forget that Malaysia’s most pressing priority is to ensure Najib – the actual criminal mastermind of 1MDB – remains locked up, rather than haring after a runaway fat boy already in the tender clutches of the Chinese mafia.

The still wealthy and well connected ex-PM is plainly willing to destabilise the return to law and order in his country to escape from behind bars – it took five years to get him there.

Daily, there are pleas and demonstrations and nonsense claims that he was innocent – he can do real damage to Malaysia if he gets out, unlike Jho Low.

Jho Low, on the other hand, could do real damage to China were it to ever let him go, which is why, however loud the hew and cry, it won’t.

Were Jho to arrive in KLIA, it would merely be in transit. The agents of the FBI would be there to greet him having arranged his onward extradition to the USA where he is wanted for assisting China’s spy services in seeking to lobby and bribe close political aides to no less than two US Presidents.

China’s nefarious dealings with Najib in supporting his 1MDB+ Cover-up Phase, first by inflating the ECRL rail contract and then by laundering the cash using Chinese state contractors and Chinese state banks through Kuwait (as exclusively exposed by Sarawak Report), would come out in toe curling detail in that court case.

The involvement of the Chinese government at the highest levels in that 1MDB+ scandal, involving the theft of about as many billions as the original 1MDB scam, was officially laid out in the recent Kuwait court judgement that sentenced Jho Low, his college friend, lawyer and the son of the ex-Kuwait PM to ten years in jail.

Sheikh Sabah has now been rounded up himself and banged behind bars, as a reminder that it is the men at the top who do the most damage if they break the sacred trust that is put upon them and therefore they who deserve punishment the most – like Najib.

The thought of all these details coming out in the English language and under the glare of the Western media in a US Federal Court would be anathema to China.

Senior figures from the Silk Road Corporation, a purported nephew of the Chinese President, Chinese ambassadors, top Chinese corporations, top Chinese banks were all involved, as readers of Sarawak Report will know. The CEO of the major Chinese contractor CCCC threw himself from a tall building not so long after the ECRL scandal broke.

The 1MDB story is a study in the modern abuse of power, geopolitical rivalry, financial corruption and off-shore chicanery that is wreaking lives and destroying our planet.

Najib. having placed himself at the epicentre of a corrupt regime, seized every lever of power and smashed the checks and balances. He then proceeded to loot the country through oligarch agents. Jho Low’s foolish behaviour made him easy to spot over 1MDB.

That China’s top movers and shakers also enmeshed themselves with this foolish fellow, engaging in his criminal capers and using him as an ambassadorial figure to countries in the Gulf can only be a matter of regret to the serious power mongers in Beijing set on standing tall in the world.

If they want their most embarrassing episode played out on the international stage then they will return Jho Low to Malaysia. It may not be in the coming week.

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