What’s The Back Story On Taib’s Apparent Secret Removal From Office?

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DEWAN Negara president Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar has tendered his resignation to assume the position of the eighth Sarawak governor, as indicated in his resignation letter seen by The Malaysian Insight.

It is understood that he will get his letter of appointment soon and then take the oath of office later, succeeding Abdul Taib Mahmud, who has held the position of Sarawak governor since March 2014.


Sarawak chat groups are now in meltdown following the brief revelation published just a couple of hours ago by the Malaysian Insight.

The news is based on a leak of a letter from Junaidi apparently tendering his resignation from his role as President of the Dewan Negara in order to BECOME THE NEW GOVERNOR!

This before anyone had been told the old governor had resigned – if he has.  Indeed, was  he capable of officially doing so and has he merely been secretly removed from office?

Everyone has known that Taib Mahmud has not been capable of performing his basic official role for months, given the obvious effects of his considerable age and ill health that has been progressively apparent for years.

Yet, he was been allowed to return to his post at the start of the year, following extended medical treatment in Turkey, and his ambitious young wife has persisted in uploading pictures of the plainly dazed old man onto the internet as if he was heading to the office each day, performing official functions and attending social events.

Everyone knows he he was not performing that role. He even missed the state’s major 60th Anniversary Independence Celebrations in the middle of last year.

So, it is right that he has been replaced, but wrong it has happened in this way and without a proper official announcement before inevitable leaks occurred.

In a democracy people have a right to be informed if their representatives are not able to carry out their role, just like a boss expects a sick note and doctor’s explanation when you take off work.

While the questions fly, Sarawak Report can add some inside information about the present circumstances of the ailing now former governor, whom many have started to speculate might even have passed away.

According to our sources, the indefatigable Ragad, his younger second wife who is now in outright battle with  Taib’s family over the old man’s billion dollar fortunes, has once again whisked him back to Turkey.

He is assumed to be again receiving treatment there for the complications of long-term cancer. However, insiders have told SR “he’s totally inaccessible to his own family”.

Their lament is that Ragad has cut her debilitated husband off from all contact from his children and siblings since the recent court cases emerged, accusing her of stealing their inheritance.

At the centre of the ongoing legal disputes are alleged signatures by the elderly political tycoon on documents which suddenly signed over major shareholdings and assets to his wife as his health plummeted.

One assumes meanwhile that Taib is getting the world’s best medical attention and is surrounded by all the support and comfort that money can buy.

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