How US TV News Covered Najib's Visit to The White House - OUCH!

How US TV News Covered Najib's Visit to The White House - OUCH!

Malaysians are all familiar with the propaganda spin put out on the government-controlled media about Najib’s visit to the US.

Despite the disastrous revelations about how the Prime Minister went promising vast investments to curry favour, the inevitable messaging has been that the visit acted as ‘proof’ that Najib is not being investigated by the DOJ after all and that the whole 1MDB case is a cooked up tale by the opposition.

So, it is worth watching how Najib has been portrayed on US TV instead, which Malaysians can do, thanks to the internet (despite bans against Sarawak Report). Below we offer the video and transcript of the report put out just a few days ago by NBC reflecting on the significance of the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Unit that has been investigating Najib and 1MDB.

Malaysians can judge by such statements as “that Malaysian Prime Minister is at the centre of a gigantic Department of Justice corruption prosecution” and “This kleptocracy money laundering probe, like the one they have got against the Malaysian Prime Minister” that American TV News has taken a very different perspective to Malaysian TV News on this matter.

TRANSCRIPT (highlights): We had been planning to report about something called the kleptocracy asset recovery initiative, which was started by FBI Director Eric Holder during the Obama administration.

Last week the President hosted the Prime Minister of Malaysia at the White House – given all the other things going on in the White House last week it was not the highest profile story in the world, but that visit by the Malaysian Prime Minister was notable in terms of corruption and law enforcement and high public officials finding themselves in the crosshairs of US law enforcement, because that Malaysian Prime Minister is at the centre of a gigantic Department of Justice corruption prosecution. The Department of Justice is trying to recover well over a billion dollars in assets, everything from movie rights to private jets, through apartments to hotels, all things that were purchased with money that was allegedly stolen from the people of Malaysia, from the government of that country.

That money was stolen from Malaysia, but it was laundered in the United States by buying stuff in the United States and the Justice Department has been heavily and aggressively involved in this gigantic corruption case to try to get that stuff back.

So, President Trump bringing that Prime Minister of Malaysia to the White House, while that Prime Minister is in the middle of a gigantic corruption investigation by the US Justice Department, that of course was the White House and this President spitting in the eye of the FBI and the Justice Department… but that ends up being important beyond just that insult to law enforcement, because aside from Malaysia, the other known major target of the FBI’s Kleptocracy Asset Recoverty Initiative – the other major target other than Malaysia is Ukraine – specifically this guy who is also believed to have looted his country’s treasury for his own benefit, and who the FBI has been chasing ever since trying to find out where Victor Yanukovitch stashed all his money and where and how he laundered it, so that the stolen assets can be located and recovered and given back to the people of Ukraine, that is a major FBI effort under this kleptocracy initiative ….. This kleptocracy money laundering probe, like the one they have got against the Malaysian Prime Minister, they have also had against the deposed Ukranian dictator that Paul Manafort worked for, that’s why they were listening in on him….. they were already deep into Paul Manafort before the [US Presidential] campaign started..

Kami telah merancang untuk melaporkan tentang sesuatu yang dipanggil inisiatif pemulihan aset kleptokrasi, yang dimulakan oleh Pengarah FBI Eric Holder semasa pentadbiran Obama.

Minggu lalu, Presiden menjadi tuan rumah Perdana Menteri Malaysia di White House – memandangkan semua perkara lain yang berlaku di White House minggu lepas bukanlah cerita profil tertinggi di dunia, tapi lawatan Perdana Menteri Malaysia itu terkenal di terma-terma rasuah dan penguatkuasaan undang-undang dan para pegawai tinggi yang menemui diri mereka dalam penyebaran undang-undang penguatkuasaan undang-undang AS, kerana Perdana Menteri Malaysia berada di tengah-tengah pendakwaan rasuah Jabatan Kehakiman yang raksasa. Jabatan Kehakiman berusaha untuk mendapatkan lebih dari satu bilion dolar aset, segalanya dari hak filem ke jet swasta, melalui pangsapuri ke hotel, semua barang yang dibeli dengan wang yang didakwa dicuri dari rakyat Malaysia, dari kerajaan negara itu.

Wang itu dicuri dari Malaysia, tetapi ia telah dibasuh di Amerika Syarikat dengan membeli barangan di Amerika Syarikat dan Jabatan Keadilan telah terlibat secara besar-besaran dan agresif dalam kes rasuah raksasa ini untuk cuba mendapatkan semula barangan tersebut.

Oleh itu, Presiden Trump membawa Perdana Menteri Malaysia ke Rumah Putih, sementara Perdana Menteri berada di tengah-tengah penyelidikan rasuah raksasa oleh Jabatan Keadilan AS, yang tentunya adalah Gedung Putih dan Presiden ini meludah di mata FBI dan Jabatan Keadilan … tetapi yang akhirnya menjadi penting melampaui penghinaan terhadap penguatkuasaan undang-undang, kerana selain dari Malaysia, sasaran utama yang lain yang dikenali sebagai Inisiatif Kemiskinan Aset Kleptokrasi FBI – sasaran utama lain selain Malaysia ialah Ukraine – khususnya lelaki ini yang juga dipercayai telah menjarah perbendaharaan negaranya untuk faedahnya sendiri, dan siapa yang FBI telah mengejar sejak cuba mencari tahu di mana Victor Yanukovitch memusnahkan semua wangnya dan di mana dan bagaimana dia membasuhnya, supaya aset yang dicuri itu boleh terletak dan pulih dan diberikan kembali kepada rakyat Ukraina, yang merupakan usaha FBI utama di bawah inisiatif kleptokrasi … .. Ini kleptocracy money launder seperti yang mereka lakukan terhadap Perdana Menteri Malaysia, mereka juga telah menentang diktator Ukraine yang digulingkan bahawa Paul Manafort bekerja, sebab itulah mereka mendengar tentang dia … .. mereka sudah jauh ke dalam Paul Manafort sebelum Kempen [Presiden AS] bermula ..

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