Sarawak Cable’s ‘White Knight’ Flashes Its Sword At Media Enquirers

Sarawak Cable’s new “White Knight partner” has been issuing legal warnings to media seeking to research the company. Serendib Capital announced a plan to inject RM250 million to ‘resuscitate’ the company which sent share prices rocketing after being rock bottom……

Sarawak Cable And Its New ‘White Knight’

Sarawak Cable was the centre of controversy a decade back as an emblem of the self-dealing management of the state by former chief minister and present governor Abdul Taib Mahmud. He liked to be called the ‘CEO of the State’ and handed the massive Bakun cable project to a company owned by his son. That company is now apparently failing badly….

Help Us Survive Royal Damages Award

The Appeal Court has issued an award for costs of RM120,000 and damages of RM300,000 against the author of The Sarawak Report and two fellow defendants.
This amounts to a thousand times less than the astonishing RM300 million that the wealthy royal was demanding for a case of harmless mistaken identity, yet it is a ruinous sum for the three defendants targeted in this case.

There Is Theft, There Is Murder and There Is Motive

Najib’s undeniable involvement in the murder of his former translator on his most notorious defence deal must now be fully examined after years of closing down proper investigations. She was threatening to expose the now proven fact that he, together with his aide Razik Baginda, had taken massive kickbacks from the French Scopene submarine deal, which provides a motive for her murder by his two bodyguards that could never be otherwise explained…..


As Sarawak leaders stand on the brink of an announcement of plans for further dam building, a shocking report has confirmed that the monstrous Bakun dam is critically in need of repair along with others in Malaysia. This has to happen before a single stone is laid to choke more rivers in the state …..

Something For Nothing Guy, Jeffrey Kitingan, Is Caught Out Again!

This latest all round episode of further hoodwinking presents just one more reason why the people of Sabah, particularly the short-changed indigenous landowners who are being siren’d with seductive promises of making “billions from zero”, should (like climate NGOs) take everything Kitingan says with a very large pinch of salt.

Growing Mystery Over Taib Family’s CMSB Shares

Norway’s state bank has just bought a commanding shareholding of 54 million shares in CMSB which is a strikingly similar amount to the shares contested in a Taib family row. In June the Malaysian court barred Taib’s wife Ragad from selling them until the dispute was settled ……..

New Nat West Chair – The Contract That Wasn’t; The £2m Bonus He “Did Not Receive” and The “Inappropriate” Tax Avoidance Plan He Suggested But “Never Executed”

The new Chairman of Nat West, appointed as a “safe pair of hands” in the wake of the scandal over Coutts, has erased mention of his former employment as COO/President of 1MDB JV partner, PetroSaudi International. At the time he suggested an off-shore tax avoidance scheme for the payment of his bonus …. to be managed by Coutts Zurich, the bank later fined for money laundering Jho Low’s ‘Heist of the Century’ from 1MDB….

More Of Sabah Up For Cheap Sale?

The present leadership of the hotch potch Sabah State Government – made up of party hoppers who then passed an anti-hopping law – seems bent on parcelling off the state’s resources through schemes that mysteriously fail to benefit the state as much as private concerns…….

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