Tagged As A ‘Flight Risk’! – Obaid Is Slapped With Electronic Cuff

The PetroSaudi boss and alleged mega-fraudster, Tarek Obaid, spent last week arguing in the Swiss Court that he needed protection from Saudi Arabia. A rebuttal by the court has undermined his story….

Log Jam, What Log Jam? – Sarawak’s Director Of Forests Should Consider His Position

As thousands of tons of timber have hurtled destructively down river in Kapit over the past few days, provoked by heavy rains, a troubling set of unconvincing denials and changing stories have issued from the Forestry Department. Is there a reluctance to acknowledge uncomfortable truths about logging in the vicinity of the ‘totally protected’ wildlife sanctuary up river from the site?………

Rainforest Tribunal – BMF’s Indictment on Taib Mahmud

In the wake of the final passing of Sarawak’s strongman, Abdul Taib Mahmud, the Swiss NGO have issued their own tribute in the form of a documentary about his deeds. The Rainforest Tribunal was made in answer to the defamation lawsuit issued by Taib’s family members who have objected to the NGO’s claims about the Governor’s unexplained wealth and how they benefitted…..

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