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Explain Or Resign

Pahang-gate sees the light of day! All Malaysia knows that Pahang MP Najib is the crook of Malaysian crooks but it seems he has local competition for that inglorious title. Can Malaysians expect any public explanation for all this trickery which includes, worst of all, a threat to life, health and happiness of the people of Pahang?

Resignation is the only alternative open to those concerned since, obviously, no reasonable explanation can be offered. One would hope, also, that there would be consequences in Botany Bay land but its resemblance to Malaysia in matters of corruption make this seem unlikely. In any case it will be interesting to see what the Australian Federal Police do in the matter:

Royalty is seen in the modern worked as an increasingly outdated concept and the rotation of the crown as even more ridiculous. An elected head of state can be removed by polling. What Malaysia has can only be moved by overdue conversion to an elected presidential system. With that the people get to choose the crooks not a handful of hasbeens.

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