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Let Justice Be Done

Predictably in Malaysia there has been much speculation, some of it public or semi.public, about the Court of Appeal which is, finally, due to hear the appeal by mega criminal Najib agains his conviction and prison sentence. It is probably only in Malaysia, with its long-standing culture of bribery and corruption that allegations of corruptibility in the higher Courts could see the light of day.

The public must assume that justice will be done according to the law and that this criminal gets his well deserved punishment. To
be a mega criminal is bad enough.To be that and Prime Minister is a real shame even if not publicly so recognised.

Let it also be understood that if there has been any perversion of justice there is still the Federal Court to which any variation should be taken. The public would demand nothing less.

In the long and often inglorious history of the Court system in Malaysia there has probably never been such an important decision to be taken. Which will prevail? Justice or cash.The former we must all hope and the instant despatch of this mega crook to at least twelve years of seclusion. Or maybe something more deserved when the Altantuya case is re-opened.

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