Wheeler Dealer Sultans?

It is not enough to do the right thing: leaders must be seen to do the right thing and even the perception of conflict must be avoided ….

Holy Hypocrisy Rapidly Exposed

Two consecutive election results have made clear the majority of Malaysians want an end to political corruption and reform. The PAS party have rejected this request on both occasions and indulged in the orgy of plunder under the unelected coup administrations of Muhyiddin and Ismail Sabri. They have no right to claim ‘moral’ superiority whilst criticising others…….

How Conspiracy Propaganda Pollutes The Internet

First Najib and then Taib hired Israel based APCO, and then its allied FBC Media from Texas, to attack and defame Anwar and later Sarawak Report. Next, Bell Pottinger was hired in London. Then, Jho Low funded a massive western media operation to attack SR over 1MDB (and Najib chucked money at RPK). Now, the online attacks have begun again but this time they appear paid by China – or Jho Low again? Meet ‘Tony Cartalucci’ aka ‘Brian Joseph Thomas Berletic’ the Thai based ‘vlogger’ with a mission to destroy….

SLAPPED Down! London’s Libel Litigators Face Consequences At Last

Sarawak Report has been harassed and faced aggressive litigation from numerous London law firms and KL copy cats over the past decade, generally acting for crooks and kleptocrats. This week the UK government and the UK Solicitors’ Regulatory Authority issued stern warnings to law firms and promised to tighten the law against such actions…..

Growing Tangle That The Istana Would Do Well To Step Aside From

The Agong deserves to be keep well out of this and to remain untarnished – he should leave the parties to slug it out on the floor of parliament not behind closed doors at the palace with his name dragged in.
He just needs to give each of them their turn in order of their precedence in the popular vote.

No More Of Mahiaddin’s Phantom SDs!

It is not the first time that the party-hopping PN Chairman, Mahiaddin, has been found ‘economical with the truth’ in presenting alleged SDs to the Palace showing MPs’ support. This practice should end….

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