“Breaking The Monopoly Of Jews In Hollywood”! EXPOSE

As the fall-out continues from our previous expose into Najib’s step-son’s foray into the movie industry, along with a house buying spree in the United States, friends of Riza Aziz are rushing to his support. However, their comments so far are likely only to make things worse….

Wall Street Greed / Malaysian Money – EXPOSE!

The wife of the PM, Rosmah Mansor, is apparently advocating that every Malaysian school child should be shown the newly released Leonardo di Caprio film, The Wolf of Wall Street, in order to warn them against greed and immorality.

Has Taib Crossed A Line?

Hundreds rallied in different cities across Sarawak this week to mark International Human Rights Day. The show of colour and the peaceful nature of the protest were both very typical. But, if strongman Taib Mahmud still bothers about what his people think, it should have worried him.

‘Indu Pemadu Kaya’ Di Kanada Jamilah Taib Digagai Pengarang Berita Ti Enda Dipinta

Sebengkah suratberita besindir ti tebilang di menua Kanada diatu udah mujur ngeluarka cherita-cherita ti nyelai pasal ‘indu pemadu kaya’ di Kanada, Jamilah Taib. Suratberita Frank ti tebilang mansutka mayuh leman berita bechura ngelantangka ati tang bisa nya enda ngelaungka cherita bekaul enggau anak indu Kepala Menteri, Jamilah Taib, enggau laki iya Sean Murray. Enggau cherita

Canada’s ‘RICHEST WOMAN’ Jamilah Taib Gets Unwelcome Local Press

A popular Canadian satirical magazine has set its sights on Canada’s ‘richest woman’, Jamilah Taib. Frank Magazine is known for its scathing, if light-hearted, tone and it does not spare the Chief Minister’s daughter and her Canadian husband Sean Murray. In particular, it examines the evidence that their wealth is based on Taib’s plundering of

Anang Ngemulaka Temuai Ari London!

Kimpin dagang temuai ti benung diatur di London dikena narit bala temuai ke Malaysia. Tang dalam kandang beberapa bulan ti deka datai tu Sarawak Report deka nunjukka semua pengamat ti tau ngasuh tekenyit ati bekaul enggau kimpin bula tu. Gambar ti dikena Malaysia dalam kimpin dagang temuai nya, dipilih enggau naka bejimat dikena narit temuai

Don’t Con London Tourists!

A major advertising campaign is getting underway to entice British tourists to Malaysia. But, over the coming months Sarawak Report will be pointing out that it is a shocking con. Because, it is luring tourists with false images of the Borneo Jungle!


Ya, Taib Mahmud diatu ringat bendar ketegal raban bansa Penan ti bebendar ngetanka pengidup sida enggau chara minta bayar pampas ke pengerusak rumah enggau pengidup sida. Iya udah ngerusak kampung sida lalu ngampuhka genturung pendiau sida, lalu udah nya ngentapka pendiau sida ba endur ti puang, kebun dandang besai sawit ti enda dikereja agi, bebatu-batu


Taib Mahmud is genuinely outraged that the Penan want to secure their future with a proper compensation for the destruction of their homes and livelihoods. Yet we can demonstrate the shocking disparity between his wealth and theirs….

Skandal ‘Rumah Modular’ Ngemaluka Kompeni CMS

Tanya Lumur 2 bekaul enggau asil projek Rumah Modular sida, kompeni Cahya Mata Sarawak Berhad (CMS) ulih meri saut ti nadai besiping. Nyadika saut ngagai tanya “Nama jamin ti diberi CMS ngagai bala orang ti meli rumah modular kita tu?” Sida CMS madahka “Penan ba tukuh rumah tu dijamin enggau penuh lalu bala orang ti

‘Modular Housing’ Scandal Brings Shame On CMS

Question No 2 in the Frequently Asked Questions guide about their Modular Housing by Cayha Mata Sarawak Berhad (CMS) has an unequivocal reply. In response to “What guarantees are given to the customer?” it answers “The structural integrity of the system is fully guaranteed and customers are furnished with a ten (10) year warranty”. Such claims

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