French Swoop on ‘KAQ’s’ 1MDB Funded Assets Worth €130 – €150 Million

As the Abu Dhabi fund IPIC sets about suing Goldman Sachs, the convicted former CEO and Chair of the IPIC subsidiary Aabar has seen the seizure of his assets in France………

What A State Of Affairs – COMMENT

UMNO’s most enthusiastic remaining supporters seem now to be from the party which claims to champion those who have been worst hit by the corruptions of the past administration……..

Zero Marks To Cambridge?

Cambridge University is hosting a conference next week, at which the organisers claim ex-Najib Razak will speak. Some mistake? We think so!………

From One Of The Lads To Fellow Fugitive

What is it that Paul Stadlen has information on that is of so much interest to the authorities, why doesn’t he want to tell them and how was he paid for so many years for his dedicated service to Najib? ……

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