Wedding Fever

Christmas and New Year are a time for gifts and merriment.  Also, in the light of the current wedding theme in Kuching, we thought it appropriate to relay some more of the dazzling pictures of gifts and finery surrounding recent Taib family weddings. The facebook sites of Taib family members have been boasting these scenes of wealth […]

Billion Ringgit Bride

We have an exclusive picture of Sarawak Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud’s, new young bride.  Kuching has been aflame with interest and amusement at the leaked information that the 74 year old has found himself a second wife who is apparently still in her 20s. However, the government has refused to issue official confirmation of the wedding

New Outrage – Taking Care of My Son By Robbing My People!

Sarawak Report has uncovered an explosive situation in Sri Aman, where we can reveal that the Chief Minister is in the very process of trying to sell off land which he gave free to his son, for a multi-million ringgit profit. The 22,000 acres in question (8,800 hectares) is in Bijat Land District, Sungai Tisak.  It is

Crocodile Tears!

Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud, has been attempting to use the Borneo Post in increasingly desperate attempts to rescue his reputation over Pulau Bruit.  The fact that there has been a recent stream of announcements showing his sudden new concern for the poor islanders is a sure sign that the revelations that he and his family have stolen millions of ringgits

Taib’s Bribes – Surely too late?

According to the Borneo Post, Taib and his BN party have made a belated attempt to curry favour with the voters of Pulau Bruit by promising plans for investment!  It was just a week ago that we exposed how the Chief Minister and his family have made millions of ringgit out of robbing his fellow Melanau people of their Native

Sarawak – Stolen At Gunpoint!

Sarawak Report can now present the proof behind widespread complaints that so-called ‘gangsters’ and ‘thugs’ are habitually used by logging companies to enforce the controversial licences handed to them in native lands by Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud. We have been passed concrete video evidence from an incident last week that shows a logging company worker threatening village blockaders with

Helping himself – Taib Lifts Prime Plots from Pelita [Exclusive!]

The Sarawak Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud, who is also the Chairman of the Land Custody and Development Authority (LCDA), which manages state land under the title of Pelita, has been using his control over the government agency to steer prime bits of land the way of himself and his family! Sarawak Report has found

Corruption And Abuse of Power – Irrefutable Evidence Against Taib. Exclusive!

Certain people in high places are given to alleging that the facts which have been published in Sarawak Report may not be true.  Yet, the allegations we have published have been verifiable and documented. Likewise, available to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in the government’s own register of companies, is the following irrefutable information. The company Mesti Bersatu is

Deepening Scandal – Taib’s Land Grabs Exposed !

Sarawak Report has been piecing together documentation that enables us to prove for the first time that the Chief Minister has conducted land thefts on a  massive scale from the people of Sarawak.   Using a number of sources, many of which Taib has shamefully attempted to keep secret, we are now unravelling detailed information showing the full extent of his seizures of Native Customary Rights Lands for

Taib Share Shock ! – Exclusive

Sarawak Report can reveal that the Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud, has a major personal shareholding in Sarawak’s highly controversial  Royal Mulu Resort,  a project that has received huge injections of cash from the State.  This means that, as both Chief Minister and Finance Minister, Taib has authorised the diversion of large sums of public money straight into his own pocket. As

Three Weddings and a Divorce

[slideshow] Sarawak Report has had numerous requests to investigate and display the wealth of the extended Taib family, who are widely known to be living extraordinary millionaire life-styles off the back of their uncle, the Chief Minister.  But why should we investigate when they show off their riches so blatantly on their own facebook sites?  Thousands

‘Hide Park’ ! – The Taibs’ London Bolthole

It is undoubtedly one of the smartest addresses in London.  Hampshire House is an enormous and gracious period building overlooking the world-famous Hyde Park, just a stone’s throw from Marble Arch and Oxford Street.  It contains some of the largest apartments in the capital, including the regular ‘pied a terre’ of Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud. The ground

Caught on Video ! Taib Admits Vast Wealth As He Bribes Voters!

Taib has not only been caught out bribing voters, but also admitting to his vast wealth!  The illegal act and the confession were both captured in a video recording of an election speech that has now come into the possession of Sarawak Report.  In the recording he tells his audience: “I’ve got more money than I

Taib’s family ‘Cheated’ Japanese Shareholders!

According to further allegations in the current court case between Dato’ Ting Check Sii and Tufail Mahmud in Sibu, Japanese investors in the Noda Corporation, a major public company which is quoted on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, have been cheated out of millions of ringgit by members of the Chief Minister’s family.  This highly serious claim forms part of a string of accusations lodged by one

Hard Evidence – Sanyan Scandal Exposes Taib!

Evidence in a bitter court battle, currently being played out in Sibu, has laid out in devastating detail a mass of shocking information about the corruption at the heart of Sarawak’s State Government. There has been little reporting of the case so far, because the Taib family have been doing their best to suppress it. However Sarawak Report

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