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Still Popular?

Press reports claim that mega crook Najib is “still popular” despite the dismissal of his appeal against conviction. Of course journalists and editors can be as mistaken as anyone of us and such reports should be disregarded as either erroneous or deliberately fabricated. No amount of communal feeling or sympathy should be allowed to obscure […]


A national newspaper espresses the hope that the EC will “wake up from its sleep” over the failure to make absentee voting possible for Sarawak voters living in Semananjong.!  Vain hope! The only obvious qualification for membership of the EC is the ability to sleep through anything! The reason why it has not been made

Dirty As Coal

Only in Malaysia! While the whole world, China and some rogue countries apart, have shunned the mining and use of pollutant coal in comes Malaysia to add to the pollution. And not just the pollution from coal itself but the equally dangerous evil of official corruption. This disgusting tale of official wrongdoing is, sadly, only

Explain Or Resign

Pahang-gate sees the light of day! All Malaysia knows that Pahang MP Najib is the crook of Malaysian crooks but it seems he has local competition for that inglorious title. Can Malaysians expect any public explanation for all this trickery which includes, worst of all, a threat to life, health and happiness of the people

Let Justice Be Done

Predictably in Malaysia there has been much speculation, some of it public or semi.public, about the Court of Appeal which is, finally, due to hear the appeal by mega criminal Najib agains his conviction and prison sentence. It is probably only in Malaysia, with its long-standing culture of bribery and corruption that allegations of corruptibility

Housing The Deadwood

A little known law emerged into public view recently when it was suggested that mega crook Najib should, as an ex Prime Minister, be gifted an house at public expense. There is, it seems, an existing law, passed presumably by a past UMNO government, allowing this scandalous practice. As though such gentlemen had not had

None So Blind

Public disquiet at the apparent failure by the PDRM to take action against a controversial Muslim preacher despite “thousands” of police reports must give rise to public suspicion of police partially towards Muslim activists. That is not an impression that the IGP would wish to become widespread. But it will be so long as the

Defence Industry!

Press reports quote “prime minister” Sabri as saying that the national defence and security industry policy is “expected to be launched within a month or two” Some Malaysians might be surprised to learn that no policy currently  exists in the vital matter of national defence. Others, better informed about PN crookery, will realise that it

Nothing Else To Do?

Press reports state that the head of the CID in the PDRM is “making a plea to the public for information on the whereabouts of Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle Brown”. IF true this amounts to staggering incompetence on his part as most Malaysians are well aware that she is in London where incompetent foreign

99% For US

Pakatan’s Guan Eng poi,nts out that less than 1% of the PN budget is allocated to non-Malays. Who is surprised by this? In order to steal public funds from the Budget, which is the sole aim of the PN “government”, it has to be notionally allocated to those who will not complain. So long as

Power Without Responsibility

It must be assumed that the Agong considered all the facts when overturning the sensible decision of his Deputy to defer the Sarawak election.. Among those facts must have been that to hold an election while a deadly pandemic is raging amounts to a licence to the crooks holding power in Sarawak to condemn to

Open Letter To The IGP

If you did not personally notice a Press story and photograph showing a former Prime Minister openly bribing potential voters in the upcoming Malacca election no doubt your chief of CID did? And can bring it to your notice. The Malaysian public is the best judge of its police force and will certainly judge you

A Phantom Hundred Billion Ringgit

The coup coalition crooks, headed by Ismail Sabri, have announced that they will present a Budget to spend 100 billion ringgit MORE than they expect to raise in revenue. Where will this enormous money grab come from? Down from heaven? Huge tax increases? Or simply from sources that would like to have absolute control over

Who Listens To A Mega Criminal?

A day does not pass without mega crook Najib calling for someone else to be prosecuted or jailed. Is he worried about being lonely in Sg. Buloh? Longing to have some fellow criminals to boast to when he is behind bars? If there was any likelihood that his appeal against conviction would succeed it would

A Criminal In Charge

Only in Malaysia! What other country would place a mega criminal in charge of an election campaign? The answer? A country with a criminal government? The problem? Most countries that have criminal governments do NOT hold elections for obvious reasons. They would lose if the elections were held fairly. Let us see what happens in

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