It’s No Secret Najib Wants To ‘Fix’ Zeti – So What Do The ‘Documents’ Tell Us?

With astonishing lack of self-irony the prime minister who has been convicted of orchestrating the world’s largest recorded theft seems hell bent on accusing the former Governor of the Central Bank of receiving some of the proceeds. So what does the evidence seem to tell us?………

A Safe Bet For Your Money?

Is it any surprise that foreign ratings agencies and bankers are starting to have to warn investors as governance turns to smash and grab?…….

Roger Ng Prepares To Sing?

Roger Ng is supposed to be the fall guy who goes to jail whilst the big boys from Goldman Sachs got the bank to pay a fine and wept hardship over bonus and pension trims, but it seems he is not playing ball……..

Jho Low Spills The Beans From Hiding In Macau!

Attempting to bargain for his freedom Jho Low pointed the finger at the real powers he claims were behind his schemes – Najib and Rosmah PLUS the ‘people’ in Abu Dhabi whom he claims still owe Malaysia over half a billion dollars in cash stolen from 1MDB……

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