Jho Low’s Price For Selling Malaysia Out To China Via The East Coast Rail Project

The internal documents acquired by Sarawak Report detail how Najib and Jho Low plan to steal further hundreds of millions of dollars from the Malaysian public to bail out 1MDB and buy out their own companies….

The Newcomer’s Handy Guide To 1MDB – 2017!

The logic is that if Najib can manage to again buy the next election he will at last be able to put behind him the scandal that after two years has refused to go away, ignore the foreign critics and be safe from justice at last. Will he succeed?……

Super-Yacht Summit?

An arrest warrant for Najib’s fixer Jho Low seems imminent, so why has he been moored up next to one of Abu Dhabi’s key billionaire businessmen for a fortnight during the key negotiations over 1MDB/Aabar?……

IT Executive ? – Justo’s Real Role At 1MDB

The lies and belittling of Justo, participated in by Malaysian official news agencies, are just part of PetroSaudi’s now fully exposed sham attempts to continue to portry themselves as an honest company, innocently caught up in 1MDB…..

Whom Did The PM Pay?

For example – on 10th February 2015, to whom did the Prime Minister give the sum of RM10 (which divides neatly by five) ……?

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